Growcraft X5 – 600 Watt DIY LED Grow Light Kit

5.00 out of 5
19 customer reviews
(19 customer reviews)



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Innovative Rugged LED Light Bar System – Large footprint for even canopy coverage

Slim Profile Passive Cooled Design – Only 1.375in thick & no moving parts

Growcraft Yield Max Spectrum – Optimized spectrums for veg and flowering stages

Linear Power Control – 30W – 600W dimmable range

Light Engine Efficacy – 3.26 μmole/J – 2.87 μmole/J

Full System Efficacy – 3.13 μmole/J – 2.76 μmole/J

Made In The USA – Finest quality materials and workmanship

Warranty – 3 Year Component Warranty Included

View Assembly Instructions

Guaranteed 2 Day Processing when you order within

Growcraft 40in LED Board - 160W × 5

Push Lock AC Power Cord

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DIY Light Kit

Coverage Area

Power Draw

Number of Light Bars

Light Spread Rating

Dimming Range

System Efficacy

Total PPF

Market Price

Price / light bar

Price / watt

Price / µmole

Value vs Performance


DIY Light Kit

4 x 4 standard | 5 x 5 max

600 Watts

4 Light Bars

Good Light Spread


2.66 µmole/J

1575 µmoles


$200 / bar

$1.33 / watt

$0.51 / µmole

Best Price


DIY Light Kit

4 x 4 standard | 5 x 5 max

600 Watts

5  Light Bars

Better Light Spread


2.76 µmole/J

1613 µmoles


$180 / bar

$1.50 / watt

$0.56 / µmole

Best Value


DIY Light Kit

4 x 4 standard | 5 x 5 max

600 Watts

6 Light Bars

Best Light Spread


2.81 µmole/J

1647 µmoles


$167 / bar

$1.67 / watt

$0.61 / µmole

Best Performance


Passive Cooling Linear Bar Design

Thin Profile – Only 1.375in Tall

Rugged T Slot Bar Design

Oversized surface area for maximum heat dissipation

Remote Power Driver Location

Lower your heat load by removing power driver outside grow area

Growcraft Light Spectrum Options

PAR Intensity Maps

6 in Hanging Height

4’x4′ Canopy Area – 6 in Hanging Height

Average PPFD – 1191 µmol/(m2s)

12 in Hanging Height

4’x4′ Canopy Area – 12 in Hanging Height

Average PPFD – 1095 µmol/(m2s)

18 in Hanging Height

4’x4′ Canopy Area – 18 in Hanging Height

Average PPFD – 957 µmol/(m2s)

24 in Hanging Height

4’x4′ Canopy Area – 24 in Hanging Height

Average PPFD – 887 µmol/(m2s)

Assembly Instructions Video

Growcraft X5 – 600 Watt DIY LED Grow Light Kit Includes:

2 x Growcraft DIY U-Frame – 4×4
2 x Growcraft DIY U-Frame Cover – 4×4
1 x Growcraft Power Distribution PCB – 4×4
5 x Growcraft 40in Heatsink
5 x Growcraft 40in LED Board
1 x M3 – 6mm Plastite PCB Screw – 5 pack
1 x M3 – 8mm Plastite PCB Screw – 25 pack
1 x M3 – 5mm Countersunk Torx Screw – 25 pack
1 x M4 – 14mm Torx Screw – 25 pack
5 x Growcraft PCB End Cover 2 Pack – ChilLED WHITE
1 x Growcraft Strain Relief Cable Gland – Black
1 x 20 AWG Red & Black Solid Core Wire Pair – 6ft
1 x Push Lock 7ft Driver Extension Cable
1 x Push Lock AC Power Cord (Your Choice of AC Plug)
1 x Push-Lock Mean Well HLG-600H-48B LED Driver
1 x Push-Lock Dimmer Pot
1 x Growcraft DIY U-Frame Hole Plug
4 x Rope Ratchets

Input Power Draw: 600W
Input Voltage Range: 90-305 VAC

120 VAC Current Draw: 5 Amps
208 VAC Current Draw: 2.9 Amps
240 VAC Current Draw: 2.5 Amps
277 VAC Current Draw: 2.1 Amps

Power Driver: Mean Well HLG-600H-48B
AC Power Cord Length: 6.5 ft
DC Extension Cord Length: 7 ft
Dimming Range: 5-100%

Light Engine Efficacy: 3.26 μmole/J – 2.87 μmole/J
Power Driver Efficiency: 95% @ 230 VAC
Full System Efficacy: 3.13 μmole/J – 2.76 μmole/J

Light Bar LED Information:
Samsung 3000K White LEDs – 140 per Light Bar
Samsung 5000K White LEDs – 140 per Light Bar
660nm Deep Red LEDs – 15 per Light  Bar

Warranty: 1 Year DIY Kits Warranty Included

Operating Temperature Range: 41°F – 95°F | 5°C – 35°C
Operating Humidity Range: 10 – 90% Non-Condensing
Generated Heat Load: 2,047 BTU/Hour

Water Protection: Currently the Growcraft has no protective coating against direct moisture exposure. If moisture accumulates near the LEDs damage may occur. Make sure to point any sprays downward and away from the LEDs.

Minimum Head Space Above Fixture: 6 in
Recommended Hanging Height:
12-24 in
Recommended Grow Room Ambient Air Temperature: 85°F | 29.5°C
Coverage Area: 4 x 4 ft
Start Slow – Growcraft lights have VERY high light output and unless your plants are already acclimated to high light intensity, it is best to start slow with the light hanging high and possibly also dimmed. Then monitor plant reaction over a few days and slowly adjust as needed.

Fixture Dimensions: 42.5 in x 42.5 in x 1.375 in
Fixture Weight: 29.5 Lbs

Complete Step By Step DIY Kit Assembly Instructions

Weight & Dimensions

Weight 41.6 lbs
Dimensions 43.45 × 8.95 × 7.7 in

Growcraft 40in LED Board - 160W

Choose LED Spectrum Type

Flowering Optimized/Full Cycle Spectrum, Vegetative Cycle Optimized Spectrum

Push Lock AC Power Cord

Select Plug Type

USA 120VAC – NEMA 5-15P, USA 240VAC – NEMA 6-15P, European – EU1-16P, Australia & New Zealand – AS NZ 3112

Guaranteed 2 day processing available!

Qualifies for free shipping and a $45.00 refund if we do not meet the guarantee!

19 reviews for Growcraft X5 – 600 Watt DIY LED Grow Light Kit

  1. 5 out of 5
    19 customer reviews

    Glen M

    Like many others have mentioned this is one of the best led lights on the market. I run a perpetual auto flower tent with this light running 24/7 at about 75% power. It has been running non-stop now for about 3 months and the light and driver are cool to the touch. Absolutely love this light and to seal the deal (MADE IN USA)

    • Gabrielle

      Love to hear this Glen! Thank you for taking the time out to let us know how your experience with ChilLED grow lights is going for you and your plants.

  2. 5 out of 5
    19 customer reviews

    Charles (verified owner)

    This being my 5th purchase from chilled and I can say they’ve been consistent across the board as far as customer service, quality product and duarability.

  3. 5 out of 5
    19 customer reviews

    Sean burke (verified owner)

    Recently purchased this light and with the enhanced flower spectrum it is beyond amazing! Have 3 growcraft lights of different sizes and all have performed well beyond expectations! Customer for life!

  4. 5 out of 5
    19 customer reviews

    Charles Lloyd (verified owner)

    To be honest I have not put the light into production yet. But the build was easy and tested fine. I have been using 6 pucks for over a year now with great results. The pucks in my 48″x48″ tent ran around 85 degrees with fans and blowers.

    I tested this light for 18 hours and she run averaged 80 degrees. I just upgraded my tent to a 48″x96″ and added a portable AC. So I plan to run this light at 75 percent for flower. And the pucks at 50 percent for veg “autos” on the other side of the tent. And I am starting to save so to buy one of the newest versions. And a handwritten thank you letter was great. I repeat, a great example of someone who cares.

  5. 5 out of 5
    19 customer reviews

    CHARLES (verified owner)


  6. 5 out of 5
    19 customer reviews

    Marcus Stockton (verified owner)

    Awesome light. Ordered 2. Got these lighting a couple of 5×5 tents over 4×4 no till beds. I recommend these to everyone.

  7. 5 out of 5
    19 customer reviews

    Jason DeGraff (verified owner)

    Just bought another 5x600watt frm chilled and just like the other 3 ive bought absolutely amazing lights best in the world.if your any type of indoor grower these lights are what you want and need for the crop outs you will ever get.ive almost tripled my harvests as proof check out mountainfarmer76 on Instagram your reserve or doubts will be cured.the price of these units are defently on point for the quality you get.for the quality customer care,and great amarican made product is defiantly worth it.i love these lights after 20 years of hps ill never buy another light anywhere but chilled growcraft.put your MH Hps and cheap blurpal lights to bed and buy chilled growcraft you’ll never go back.thank you growcraft crew for everything and the eye opener the the future of American made best lights on the planet experience.and the 2.5times more harvest.

    • Austin Jergenson

      Thank you for the great review, Jason. I’ll go give your IG a look 🙂


  8. 5 out of 5
    19 customer reviews

    Ryan (verified owner)

    I purchased 2 of the x5 diy kits. Both assembled easily and have had no issues. Am currently running them in 240 with no issue. These lights deliver a punch. Be prepared to supplement nutrients to keep up with their abundant light and increased growth. My 4th light from chilled will be on the way soon with more to come in the near future. Still in my first cycle with them excited to see the results!!!

  9. 5 out of 5
    19 customer reviews

    Rick Rollins (verified owner)

    Have been using 2 of the x5’s for about a year now, and I’m about to purchase more. Wow. The lights are amazing. Worth every dollar. You are in good hands ordering from these guys. Don’t hesitate – just buy. You can thank me later 🙂

  10. 5 out of 5
    19 customer reviews

    Jason D (verified owner)

    Just got my 6 bar and 5 bar 600 watt DIY kits and put them together and I’m so impressed guys. I’ve been an HPS grower for 20 years and wow LEDs are the future, especially Growcraft Chilled Tech lights.

    I think your lights are probably the best in the world based on the results from the 1000 watt DIY kit I purchased some time ago. Now that I’ve had 3 weeks of playtime, it is night and day compared to any other lights I’ve tried. My plants are happy and very healthy under your LEDs.

    I’m so convinced of their performance I’ve taken down all my HPS fixtures and now flower only under Chilled LEDs! So impressed guys. Great job, great lights and great customer service. Thank you for everything guys I will be definitely buying only from Chilled for all my lighting needs. I would love a t-shirt guys if possible so I can promote more when I’m doing Instagram vids. Thanks again!

  11. 5 out of 5
    19 customer reviews

    Daniel Clason (verified owner)

    Got a pair of growcraft x5 they do amazing work currently still trying to dial in the grow space cause these baby have the power of the sun. Currently running them at 75% power at 28″ in a 5×10 and they are fire. Waiting patiently to see whats next out of this company in the future.

  12. 5 out of 5
    19 customer reviews


    The best led on the market I have bought 2 now and I’m going to buy 2 more they are blowing the other led I have out the water and very easy to assemble yourself

  13. 5 out of 5
    19 customer reviews

    Highway420 (verified owner)

    I have had this light running for 3 weeks now and wow. Best led on market.

  14. 5 out of 5
    19 customer reviews

    Dan Reese (verified owner)

    dimmer failed after 2 months but still very happy with light

    • Austin

      That’s not right! Send us an email at Service@chilledgrowlights so we can take care of you and figure out what went wrong 🙂 -Austin

  15. 5 out of 5
    19 customer reviews

    The Hydro Hog House (verified owner)

    Light was very easy to setup with video instructions. Is very bright!!! Definitely want to use eye protection being around this as often as you should. Extremely happy with this product.

  16. 5 out of 5
    19 customer reviews

    Lisa McMahon (verified owner)

    BEST grow light on the market!! Leading efficiency, build quality, versatility, and innovative! I just got mine built and all I got to say is WOW! This thing is absolutely stunning! It is so bright that I cant even run it at full power yet. It could have been used for the missions to mars as a landing light! Absolutely crushes it and the accessories to come, I cant wait! You buy another brand, you WILL be disappointed!!!!! Mark my words!!!

  17. 5 out of 5
    19 customer reviews

    Glenn (verified owner)

    The grow craft x5 is one awesome light. Build quality is awesome.. super easy to put together.. this is a great light .. couldn’t ask for more ..

  18. 5 out of 5
    19 customer reviews

    Evan Reed (verified owner)

    Hands down the best led I’ve used so far it checks all boxes.

  19. 5 out of 5
    19 customer reviews

    Dan (verified owner)

    new to the diy world but this light was very easy to build i just watched the video a few times and followed the instructions . as for the preformance of the light it is a great light works perfectly i love the dimmer makes it easy to get the correct light levals still havent flowered with this light yet but im sure it will do fine. over all a great light

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