ChilLED 300w Linear Plug and Play Kit

$525.00 $499.00

Parts Included:

3 x ChilLED 125w  Module 

1 x HLG-320H-C1050B

1 x 4 to 1 channel driver adapter

1 x ChilLED Connect powercord

12 x 3D printed RapidLED Canopy Rail mounting spacers & screws (direct fit for RapidLED substrate)

2 x Stainless steel T304 custom CNC bent hangers (Snug, Secure fit with RapidLED Canopy Rail)

3 x 92mm 12v DC fan w/ PETG 3D printed mounting hardware

1 x Fan Driver 

1 x RapidLED manual dimmer pot 


This kit has everything you need to get up and running in less than an hour.
The only additional items you will need that are NOT included are:
(1) 47-48″ RapidLED substrate rail
(1) RapidLED Driver Bracket

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Additional information

Weight 19 lbs
Dimensions 19 x 11 x 9 in


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