400w VEG/BLOOM 2 channel – Special – $599

$699.00 $599.00

400w VEG/BLOOM 2 channel, 2 driver DIY strip

Introducing the 400 watt VEG/BLOOM strip.

This 2 channel modular, expandable DIY system is perhaps the easiest way to experience our full spectrum technology.

This starter pack gives you everything you need to quickly and easily get up and growing with a true 400 watts of our incredibly efficient LEDS.  Half of the white LEDs & the red LEDs run on one driver.  The other half of the white LEDs & all of the blues run on the second driver.  This gives users a simple , easy to control VEG knob & BLOOM knob.  This is just like Medgrower1’s setup.

No one enjoys buying and re-configuring components as their grow room evolves and matures.

We specifically designed this wiring configuration as a simple 2 channel setup out of the box with the ability to expand into a full 4 channel system in the future.  When expanding down the line, just swap the included 2channel LED to driver splitter for a 4channel one.  No cutting, wiring, splicing required.  Upgrading is plug & play.

This system is thermally protected with a high quality durable thermal switch, that will cut power to the light engine if the grow room overheats.

While this starter pack does not include ChilLED Drive & its digital controller, it is compatible.

It is also compatible with RapidLED’s ChilLED Connect potentiometers

Use the select box to add two dimming pots.

Upgrade to ChilLED Drive with ease at a later stage, unlocking the full potential of Drive and our GEN2 Controller.

In stock

Manual dimmers

Add two RapidLED dimming pots

Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 28 x 8 x 8 in


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