ChilLED GEN2 226 diode – PCB only.

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ChilLED 226 diode PCB only

This item includes the led pcb only.

It is a 4 channel board.

white channel 1: 23volts @1050ma , 24volts @1400ma (max)

white channel 2: 23volts @1050ma , 24volts @1400ma (max)

red channel: 26.4volts @1050ma (max)

blue channel: 15volts @1050ma (max)

Use thermal 2 way tape, thermal epoxy, or drill and tap your own heatsinks and save some cash.

ChilLED does not sell GEN2 heatsinks a la carte.  The 5.886” is a nice choice.

5.886’ x 18” long can run this board passive at 125 watts.


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Weight 2.0 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 6 x 1.0 in


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