Telos Growcast – Universal Lighting Controller



Control your Growcraft with Growcast!

Set light schedules and room dimensions with the Telos app (iOS & Android)

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Product Description

Telos Growcast is a universal lighting controller that helps growers to save energy and grow better plants. Growcast is compatible with all Growcraft models*.

Wirelessly connect to Growcast and control the Precise PPF output (dimming) of your grow light. Say goodbye to mechanical timers by applying on/off timing schedules with an optional sunrise and sunset feature. Growcast doesn’t need an internet connection to work and is instead programmed locally using the secure & encrypted Telos Mesh App, available for Android and iPhone. The device has a simple plug-and-play setup and connects directly to the dimming lead of Growcraft’s Mean Well driver.

*Dimmable to 0% (off): Growcraft X3 500W, X6 600W & X6 1000W | Dimmable to 10%: Growcraft X1 Mini, X1, X3 Mini, X3/X6 Mini 330W


Fully compatible Growcraft models
Drivers with 0-10v dimming can be fully dimmed to an off setting allowing for convenient setup of day/night cycles

X3 500W DIY Kit X3 500W Commercial
X6 600W DIY Kit X6 600W Commercial
X6 1000W DIY Kit X6 1000W Commercial
ULTRA 600W DIY Kit ULTRA 600W Commercial

Partially compatible Growcraft models
Drivers with 1-10v dimming can be controlled but cannot be dimmed to an off setting. As an alternative, we recommend using an AC timer to control the on/off functions of these lights

X1 Mini 65W Commercial
X1 160W Commercial
X3 Mini 200W Commercial
X6 Mini 330W DIY Kit X6 Mini 330W Commercial
X3 330W DIY Kit X3 330W Commercial
ULTRA 330W DIY Kit ULTRA 330W Commercial


Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in


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