Wire Snap Connector (2 Pack)

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A pack of 5 WAGO’s new 221 electrical connectors.

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-2 pack containing (1) 2 circuit wire snap connector and (1) 3 circuit wire snap connector

-Separate Circuit connections in easy streamlined connectors

-Built-in Testing Ports on the Connector


-Suitable for 28 to 12 AWG wire

-Handle currents up to 32 AMPS




Housing Material: PC Copper

Color: Grey/Orange/Blue/Yellow

Shape: Rectangle

Current Rating: 32A

Rated Power:7kw

Voltage Rating: 400V/4KV

Wire Size Solid Core:0.08…2.5mm²/28…12AWG

Wire Size Stranded Core:0.08…4mm/28…12AWG

Recommended  wire Strip Length: 9-10mm

Optimal Operating Temperature: 50° to 140° F or 10° to 60° C

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Weight .02 lbs
Dimensions 2 × .5 × 2.1 in


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