2024 Growcraft X3 330W

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💡1,332 LEDs
630 – Full Spectrum 3000K Samsung LM301B
630 – Full Spectrum 5000K Samsung LM301B
72 – 660nm Hyper Red Osram GH CSSRM4.24

🔧7 Year Limited Warranty 

🇺🇸Made in the USA

Warranty: 7 Years

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2024 X-Series LED Board

Our 2024 X-Series is equipped with 1,332 precision-engineered LEDs, ensuring optimum efficiency and support for full-cycle growth:

  • 630 Samsung LM301B LEDs in 3000K CCT
  • 630 Samsung LM301B LEDs in 5000K CCT
  • 72 Osram GH CSSRM4.24 660nm Hyper Red LEDs

Conformal Coating Upgrade: To safeguard your investment in challenging indoor growing conditions, consider our optional conformal coating. This upgrade applies a slim, silicone-based layer over your LED boards, offering enhanced protection against corrosion and wear, thereby extending the life of your diodes.

Efficacy: We’re excited to share that independent efficacy testing results for this groundbreaking series will be available shortly. Stay tuned for more details on how the 2024 X-Series is setting new benchmarks in LED grow light performance.

🔌LED Power Driver

The 2024 X-Series is powered by a MEAN WELL HLG series driver, supplying 48VDC to each LED board.

2024 Growcraft X3 330W – MEAN WELL HLG-320H-48B

🤏Thinner Frame. Enhanced Versatility.

Meet the 2024 X-Series – where premium style meets innovative technology. Ideal for the sophisticated indoor gardener, it boasts a refined, lightweight structure, emphasizing both aesthetics and practicality. Personalize your space with our high-end Growcraft-branded plates, available in either aluminum or luxurious carbon fiber.

The highlight of this light lies in its 30 series T-slot channels on the aluminum heatsink. These channels, a signature feature since our original Growcraft model, allow for simple installation and superior heat management. The 2024 LED grow light is more than just an illumination source, it’s a deluxe upgrade, ensuring top-tier performance and long-lasting quality for your indoor garden.

Carbon Fiber Frame: Experience unmatched strength and style with our carbon fiber frame – superior to steel or aluminum in rigidity, and offering an unparalleled aesthetic in black or silver.

Aluminum Frame: Alternatively, opt for our aluminum frame. Each one is meticulously finished in high-quality color, featuring the gleaming Growcraft logo in reflective silver for an extra touch of elegance.

Unhindered Access to Heatsink 30 Series T-slot Channels We’ve evolved from our Original Growcraft design, providing unhindered access to the 30 series T-slot channels. Now, mounting any accessory is straightforward with commonly available fasteners and t-nuts. The potential for customization is limitless.

Stable, Non-Folding Duo Configuration Ditching the common folding design, used mainly for shipping convenience, our 2024 Growcraft LED Grow Light maintains a robust, non-folding structure. Use our LinkMate X Bracket Kit for effortless pairing, perfect for 4×4 & 5×5 canopy growers. This setup mirrors the original Growcraft X6 form factor and offers an easy path for growers to scale their lighting as their gardens grow.

📉📈Compare 2020 Original Growcraft (OG) vs 2024 X Series

🔧7 Year Limited Warranty

At ChilLED Tech, we fully back the quality and performance of our 2024 X-Series. We’re so confident in its ability to deliver consistent, outstanding results that we’re offering the longest LED grow light warranty in the market. Rest assured, with each harvest, our dedicated US-based customer support team is ready to assist you, ensuring your peace of mind.

Plus, we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee from the delivery date for every 2024 X-Series purchase.

Learn more about our comprehensive 7-year limited warranty and 30-day satisfaction guarantee here

🇺🇸Proudly Made in the USA

ChilLED Tech is among the select few who manufacture LED Grow Lights right here in the USA, meaning your purchase of the 2024 X-Series supports American workers and their families. We craft each Growcraft LED board in our Arlington, WA facility, where we also meticulously place each LED, laser-cut our custom acrylic frame spacers, and assemble the entire fixture under one roof.

For those components we can’t produce in-house, we strive to source as locally as possible. Our carbon fiber frames are produced just two hours north, and our 100% paper-based packaging materials are made just two hours south. Choosing local suppliers not only cuts down on shipping-related emissions but has also enabled us to eliminate non-recyclable packaging like Styrofoam. Although certain materials, such as the LEDs, are predominantly made overseas, we continuously search for and prioritize US-based alternatives. If you’re aware of any local LED PCB manufacturers if your area, let us know! We’re keen to connect with them!

General Specs
Coverage Area: Flower 2x4ft | Veg 4x4ft

Fixture Dimensions: 41 x 20.5 x 1.2 in | 104.1 x 52 x 3 cm
Fixture Weight: 14.25 lbs | 6.4 kg

Input Power Draw: 330W
Input AC Voltage Range: 90-305 V

120 VAC Current Draw: 2.75 Amps
240 VAC Current Draw: 1.375 Amps

Power Driver: MEAN WELL HLG-320H-48B
AC Power Cord Length: 6.5 ft
DC Extension Cord Length: 7 ft
Dimming Range: 5-100%

Operating Temperature Range: 41°F – 95°F | 5°C – 35°C
Operating Humidity Range: 10 – 90% Non-Condensing
Generated Heat Load: 1,126 BTU/Hour

Minimum Head Space Above Fixture: 6 in | 15 cm
Recommended Hanging Height: 6-24 in | 15-60 cm
Recommended Grow Room Ambient Air Temperature: 85°F | 29.5°C

Independent integrating sphere test results coming soon
LED Info & Datasheets
Samsung LM301B 3000K White LEDs – 210 per Light Bar
Samsung LM301B 5000K White LEDs – 210 per Light Bar
Osram CSSRM4.24 660nm Deep Red LEDs – 24 per Light Bar

Samsung LM301B Full Spectrum Whites Datasheet

Osram GH CSSRM4.24 660nm Hyper Red Datasheet

Warranty & User Warnings
7-Year Limited Warranty – see Warranty page for more information

– Do not expose Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), like sulfur, near any 2024 Growcraft. This can damage the LEDs beyond repair and is NOT covered by the limited warranty.
– Do not look directly at the fixture when powered on without protective eyewear.

Grow Tent & Open Room PAR Maps Coming Soon