Growcraft X6 – 1000W LED Grow Light – Commercial Grade

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4.86 out of 5
7 customer reviews
(7 customer reviews)

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Innovative Rugged LED Light Bar System – Large footprint for even canopy coverage

Slim Profile Passive Cooled Design – Only 1.375in thick & no moving parts

Growcraft Yield Max Spectrum – 3rd Gen 2020 technology – maximum results

Linear Power Control – 50W – 1,000W dimmable range

Light Engine Efficacy – 3.26 μmole/J – 2.73 μmole/J

Full System Efficacy – 3.08 μmole/J – 2.58 μmole/J

Made In The USA – Finest quality materials and workmanship

3 Year Limited Warranty

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Growcraft 40in LED Board - 160W × 6

Push Lock AC Power Cord × 2

Growcraft PCB End Cover - 2 Pack × 6

Upgrade your lights with some colorful PCB covers to allow your plants to grow in style

Choose from Deep Sky Blue, Blooming Magenta, Leaf Green, Onyx Black & Omni Chrome

note* Limit swapping PCB Covers to avoid stripping threads.

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Compare Our 1000 Watt Commercial Model

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Number of Light Bars

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Commercial Grade

5 x 5 standard | 6 x 6 max

1000 Watts

6  Light Bars

Good Light Spread


2.58 µmole/J

2450 µmoles


$267 / bar

$1.60 / watt

$0.65 / µmole

Best Performance in 5 x 5


Passive Cooling Linear Bar Design

Thin Profile – Only 1.375in Tall

Rugged T Slot Bar Design

Oversized surface area for maximum heat dissipation

Remote Power Driver Location

Lower your heat load by removing power driver outside grow area


Growcraft Yield Max Spectrum


PAR Intensity Maps

6 in Hanging Height

5’x5′ Canopy Area – 6 inch Hanging Height

Average PPFD – 1247 µmol/(m2s)

12 in Hanging Height

5’x5′ Canopy Area – 12 inch Hanging Height

Average PPFD – 1187 µmol/(m2s)

18 in Hanging Height

5’x5′ Canopy Area – 18 inch Hanging Height

Average PPFD – 1077 µmol/(m2s)

24 in Hanging Height

5’x5′ Canopy Area – 24 inch Hanging Height

Average PPFD – 971 µmol/(m2s)

30 in Hanging Height

5’x5′ Canopy Area – 30 inch Hanging Height

Average PPFD – 829  µmol/(m2s)

36 in Hanging Height

5’x5′ Canopy Area – 36 inch Hanging Height

Average PPFD – 836 µmol/(m2s)

Growcraft X6 – 1000W LED Grow Light Includes:

1 x Fully Assembled Fixture (This Product)
2 x Push-Lock Mean Well HLG-480H-48B LED Driver
2 x Push Lock 7ft Driver Extension Cable
2 x Push Lock AC Power Cord (Your Choice of AC Plug)
2 x Push-Lock Dimmer Pot
2 x 3/16in Rope Ratchet – Metal Mechanism – 2 Pack

Input Power Draw: 1000W
Input Voltage Range: 90-305 VAC

120 VAC Current Draw: 8.4 Amps
208 VAC Current Draw: 4.8 Amps
240 VAC Current Draw: 4.2 Amps
277 VAC Current Draw: 3.6 Amps

Power Drivers: 2 x Mean Well HLG-480H-48B
AC Power Cord Length: 6.5 ft
DC Extension Cord Length: 7 ft
Dimming Range: 5-100%

Light Engine Efficacy: 3.26 μmole/J – 2.73 μmole/J
Power Driver Efficiency: 95% @ 230 VAC
Full System Efficacy: 3.08 μmole/J – 2.58 μmole/J

Operating Temperature Range: 41°F – 95°F | 5°C – 35°C
Operating Humidity Range: 10 – 90% Non-Condensing
Generated Heat Load: 3,412 BTU/Hour

Minimum Head Space Above Fixture: 10 in
Recommended Hanging Height:
18-30 in
Coverage Area: 5 x 5 ft
Start Slow – Growcraft lights have VERY high light output and unless your plants are already acclimated to high light intensity, it is best to start slow with the light hanging high and possibly also dimmed. Then monitor plant reaction over a few days and slowly adjust as needed.

Fixture Dimensions: 42.5 in x 42.5 in x 1.375 in
Fixture Weight: 33.85 Lbs


Click to Download: PDF User Manual for the X6-1000 Growcraft Commercial light




Weight & Dimensions

Weight 33.85 lbs
Dimensions 42.5 × 42.5 × 1.375 in

Growcraft 40in LED Board - 160W

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 40.1 × 1.85 × .3 in
Choose LED Spectrum Type

Flowering Optimized/Full Cycle Spectrum, Vegetative Cycle Optimized Spectrum

Push Lock AC Power Cord

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions N/A
Select Plug Type

USA 120VAC – NEMA 5-15P, USA 240VAC – NEMA 6-15P, European – EU1-16P, Australia & New Zealand – AS NZ 3112

Growcraft PCB End Cover - 2 Pack

Weight .025 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 × 1.5 × .5 in
Select Color

Deep Sky Blue, Blooming Magenta, Leaf Green, Onyx Black, Omni Chrome

7 reviews for Growcraft X6 – 1000W LED Grow Light – Commercial Grade

  1. 4 out of 5
    7 customer reviews

    Carl hoogen (verified owner)

    Been using this light for about 2 weeks now and can’t say enough good things about it. It easily covers a 5×5 area with 8 plants in 5 gallon containers. Remote drivers bring the heat load way down. Excited to see how my first flower run goes. Will update the review in a few weeks.

  2. 5 out of 5
    7 customer reviews

    LWG (verified owner)

    These lights are by far the best lights we have seen and used. We did a ton of research as we wanted to replace the HPS for a small commercial grow and it has paid off. The light output is legit, the construction is superb and these run far cooler. We need to mention the guys at ChilLED are top notch – they have gone over and above with their customer support and they totally stand behind their products.

    • Austin

      Thank you for the comment! We really appreciate the kind words and we hope to continue to get more people to switch from HPS to LED 🙂


  3. 5 out of 5
    7 customer reviews

    Jason (verified owner)

    I’ve had this light for about 5 weeks and its been more than ideal. I keep it in a 4×4 which is definately, definately overkill but I wanted to purchase a light that will still be useful for the next years to decades. Even though its not necessary, I keep the light at about 80 to 90% capacity and despite it burning with the passion of a thousand white hot suns, the temperature difference is only about 2 to 5 degrees. Not to mention my plants, which are at the 5th node, have about half an inch between nodes. The distance between the top of the plants and the light is 25 inches. Id also like to mention that there isn’t a single part of the light, including the drivers, that isnt more than mildly warm to the touch.

    The light, as with all high grade LEDs, is definately expensive, but believe me, that expense comes with a premium. Every question or issue I’ve had and reached out for has been answered well within an hour. Ive never had such good customer service in any industry.

  4. 5 out of 5
    7 customer reviews

    Daniel Adevai (verified owner)

    I purchased the x6 1000w, I have to say I could not be happier with my decision! The light is beyond reliable and the construction is flawless. The quality you get with this light is something you have to see to believe, I did my research on lights and I can honestly say there is no comparison when it comes to the well built quality you get here.

    The team at Chilled Is so helpful, they are are so fast when replying to any questions you may have! All around the quality and support is something I would give more then a 5 star rating to!!

  5. 5 out of 5
    7 customer reviews

    Dowland Lee (verified owner)

    Easily the most powerful grow light’s I have ever owned. Replaced several 1000w HPS, the LED’s run much cooler & promote shorter internodal spacing. Great lights & I highly recommend to anyone getting into LED’s.

  6. 5 out of 5
    7 customer reviews

    Stephen Barnes (verified owner)

    I purchased 2 1000w DIY Growcraft x6. It is unbelievable. The design is flawless. It is very easy to assemble as well. In my opinion, when it comes to LED lights look no further then Chilled…

  7. 5 out of 5
    7 customer reviews

    Kevin Ferry (verified owner)

    I just received my X6 and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. I ordered 2 lights from another distributor ond have yet to receive the second. This light is for professionals or serious hobbyists looking to cover a honest 5’x5’ flower footprint at 36” and the ppfd nimbers rank as @migrow hoghest and most efficient light to date. Im so proud of my purchase!!!

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