Growcraft X6 – 600W LED Grow Light – Commercial Grade

5.00 out of 5
27 customer reviews
(27 customer reviews)


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Growcraft Light Spectrum Options


Passive Cooling Linear Bar Design

Thin Profile – Only 1.375in Tall

Rugged T Slot Bar Design

Oversized surface area for maximum heat dissipation

Remote Power Driver Location

Lower your heat load by removing power driver outside grow area

Input Power Draw: 600W
Input Voltage Range: 90-305 VAC

120 VAC Current Draw: 5 Amps
208 VAC Current Draw: 2.9 Amps
240 VAC Current Draw: 2.5 Amps
277 VAC Current Draw: 2.1 Amps

Power Driver: Mean Well HLG-600H-48B
AC Power Cord Length: 6.5 ft
DC Extension Cord Length: 7 ft
Dimming Range: 5-100%

Light Engine Efficacy: 3.26 μmole/J – 2.93 μmole/J
Power Driver Efficiency: 95% @ 230 VAC
Full System Efficacy: 3.13 μmole/J – 2.81 μmole/J

Light Bar LED Information:
Samsung 3000K White LEDs – 140 per Light Bar
Samsung 5000K White LEDs – 140 per Light Bar
660nm Deep Red LEDs – 15 per Light  Bar

Warranty: 5-Year Limited Warranty Included

Operating Temperature Range: 41°F – 95°F | 5°C – 35°C
Operating Humidity Range: 10 – 90% Non-Condensing
Generated Heat Load: 2,047 BTU/Hour

Water Protection: Currently the Growcraft has no protective coating against direct moisture exposure. If moisture accumulates near the LEDs damage may occur. Make sure to point any sprays downward and away from the LEDs.

Use of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds): DO NOT USE VOCs, like burning sulfur, near any Growcraft. This can damage the LEDs beyond repair and is NOT covered by our warranty.

Minimum Head Space Above Fixture: 6 in
Recommended Hanging Height:
12-24 in
Recommended Grow Room Ambient Air Temperature: 85°F | 29.5°C
Coverage Area: 4 x 4 ft
Start Slow – Growcraft lights have VERY high light output and unless your plants are already acclimated to high light intensity, it is best to start slow with the light hanging high and possibly also dimmed. Then monitor plant reaction over a few days and slowly adjust as needed.

Fixture Dimensions: 42.5 in x 42.5 in x 1.375 in
Fixture Weight: 33.85 Lbs


PAR Intensity Maps

6 in Hanging Height

4’x4′ Canopy Area – 6 in Hanging Height

Average PPFD – 1270 µmol/(m2s)

12 in Hanging Height

4’x4′ Canopy Area – 12 in Hanging Height

Average PPFD – 1092 µmol/(m2s)

18 in Hanging Height

4’x4′ Canopy Area – 18 in Hanging Height

Average PPFD – 964 µmol/(m2s)

24 in Hanging Height

4’x4′ Canopy Area – 24 in Hanging Height

Average PPFD – 941 µmol/(m2s)

Growcraft X6 – 600W LED Grow Light Includes:

1 x Fully Assembled Fixture (This Product)
1 x Push-Lock Mean Well HLG-600H-48B LED Driver
1 x Push Lock 7ft Driver Extension Cable
1 x Push Lock AC Power Cord (Your Choice of AC Plug)
1 x Push-Lock Dimmer Pot
4 x Rope Ratchets


Click to Download: PDF User Manual for the X6-600 Growcraft Commercial light




Weight & Dimensions

Weight 33.85 lbs
Dimensions 42.5 × 42.5 × 1.375 in
LED Spectrum

Flowering Optimized/Full Cycle Spectrum, Vegetative Cycle Optimized Spectrum

AC Power Plug

USA 120V (Standard), USA 240V, EU Plug, Australia & New Zealand

27 reviews for Growcraft X6 – 600W LED Grow Light – Commercial Grade

  1. 5 out of 5
    27 customer reviews

    Nathan Sperry (verified owner)

    I switched to the Growcraft x6 600w after my Kind XL750 stopped working (after less than 6 months).

    So far the Growcraft has exceeded my expectations. If you’re on the fence about getting one of these fixtures I promise you, get one and you won’t regret it.

  2. 5 out of 5
    27 customer reviews

    Corey D Behrends (verified owner)

    I looked at various fixtures for 3 mo before pulling the trigger on the X6. Rob and Trey over at CLTV on YouTube could not talk highly enough about this light so I pulled the trigger.

    I could not be happier, the quality is second to none IMHO and the service after the support was as good as the quality of the craftsmanship.

  3. 5 out of 5
    27 customer reviews

    Alan Lawrence (verified owner)

    Incredible grow light! Just put my 2 white widow ladies into flowering and they are loving this light. Shipping was super fast, and nothing was damaged in transit.

    Even got a thank you letter for my purchase about a week later. These guys are doing some awesome work! I highly recommend this light for any grower. I will definitely be a returning customer.

  4. 5 out of 5
    27 customer reviews


    Wow! This light is incredible. Ordered the DIY x6 to save a few bucks, it arrived way earlier then expected. Was a little confused with one part of the wiring, sent an email and got the answer I needed from Austin in like 10 minutes. Had just switched the girls over to flowering and they seem to be loving the new light too.

  5. 5 out of 5
    27 customer reviews

    DANIEL ARMIN (verified owner)

    This light is absolutely fantastic! Before finally purchasing the Growcraft X6, I did extensive research into the wide world of LED grow lights, from budget lights to high-end. Some key points I found most important to look for are: Energy consumption to PAR output, Even PAR coverage across the canopy, and of course product quality.

    The Growcraft X6 ABSOLUTELY blows the competitors out of the water! If you’re like me, you want the best. In my honest opinion, this is the best light for the money period.

    • Vitaly Druchinin

      Thank you very much for your insightful review, Daniel! If you don’t mind sharing, what exactly tipped the scale to ChilLED Growcraft vs the other grow lights you were considering purchasing?

      Thanks again for the great review! I’m confident the light will serve you well for many years👍

  6. 5 out of 5
    27 customer reviews

    Michael Lippert (verified owner)

    the build quality and being made here in usa are really great reasons to pick chilled. I am super impressed with how bright this x6 600watt is. Its like the friggin sun in my 5×5. highly recommend it. if youre looking to step up from cheap amazon lights, or some of the more affordable brands, this is one company you need to check out before spending your hard earned money.

    • Austin Jergenson (verified owner)

      Thank you for the excellent review, Michael! I’m glad you are diggin’ your X6 and please feel free to send us pictures of your plants anytime 🙂


  7. 5 out of 5
    27 customer reviews

    Carlos Gonzales (verified owner)

    I bought one of these when the 420 sale started,and man oh man is this light a beast.. Top of the line components..and MADE IN THE US OF A.

    Great work guys.

  8. 5 out of 5
    27 customer reviews

    Josh Reinhold (verified owner)

    Fast processing and shipping. Was expecting 2 week processing and was processing the next day. Glad I got the 600 watt vs 1000w version it puts off a lot more light than I expected. Exceeded my expectations

  9. 5 out of 5
    27 customer reviews

    Daniel Smith (verified owner)

    just got my x6 wow its night and day to anything out there order was filled fast and shipped fast. this is the best product out there. it doubles your potential and thats amazing. fan for life Grampa gardener

  10. 5 out of 5
    27 customer reviews

    Kyle Carrel (verified owner)

    Really great light that was thought out so great. I bought the chilled x6 because of the driver being able to be outside my tent. Such a nice feature to not have to worry about your tent getting to hot or having to keep my house super cool. Highly recommend!!

  11. 5 out of 5
    27 customer reviews

    Cameron Scott (verified owner)

    My favorite light that I own, and I have quite a few lights from some of the bigger names in LED technology. So bright and so cool! Get one, you won’t regret it!

  12. 5 out of 5
    27 customer reviews

    JD (verified owner)

    I’m doing a side by side grow with an air cooled 1000w HPS in a 5×9 grow tent. The spectrum on the Chilled tech Growcraft is a little more white than I expected, so I plan on supplementing with some deep red and far red. But the results so far have completely sold me on replacing my HPS. The plants are about 3-4 inches shorter on average under the LED, but bud size and density is identical. The light spread is much more uniform under the Growcraft, and the plants have shown less deficiencies and heat stress as well. The light is barely warm to the touch. All with 40% less electricity! The only drawback is that this light is a massive, heavy beast. I’ve seen some designs with a locking hinge in the middle, and that would have been great for storage and shipping. I’d they were out at the time I might have bought two of the X3 330w instead. Anyways, I’m super pleased with the results I’m getting with the Growcraft, and I look forward to seeing more innovations from Chilled Tech.

  13. 5 out of 5
    27 customer reviews


    The light spectrum and intensity is perfect. Couldn’t ask for a better light. Better than California Lightworks SolarExtreme 1000 and Growers Choice E680.

    Customer Service is 100/100

  14. 5 out of 5
    27 customer reviews


    Quality built, fits perfectly in the 4×4, PAR levels are as advertised.
    As they say “You get what you pay for.”
    ……..worth every penny.

  15. 5 out of 5
    27 customer reviews

    Lance (verified owner)

    Let me start by saying I previously was running a kind led xl and I thought was top of line well chilled has exceeded my expectations from start to finish customer service check build quality check performance check I had my seedlings under t5 before transitioning to final room they were day 17 they were looking good as usual I put them under the chilled x6 and they fucking exploded lush green growth running at 85/86 degrees not even halfway turnt up thier beyond happy maybe reflecting how I feel I cannot wait to switch to 12/12 and really push the plants to full potential crazy to think light is on halfway I turned to full power for shits and giggles and was so fucking bright my girl came from other room I didn’t tell her I bought light u guys know how it goes anyway she screamed lance somethings wrong in living room it was me with tent open light full blast with a kids smirk what n thee fuck she said long story short get the fucking light I’ll be grabbing a 2 bar for my small veg tent and I will definitely grab a 1000watt in future u want top of line look no further

  16. 5 out of 5
    27 customer reviews

    Va (verified owner)

    Love these lights! Saw a huge increase in performance and yield
    Everything I wanted
    Arrived on time (considering COVID delays)

  17. 5 out of 5
    27 customer reviews

    CC (verified owner)

    Super powerful, great build quality, shipped within quoted timeframe even with a global pandemic going on! A+

  18. 5 out of 5
    27 customer reviews

    JJ Diamond (verified owner)

    This light is well built and very overpowered. The attention to detail like metal ratchet hangers to extensions for driver to be outside tent. Very excited to see final result of my plants under this light.

  19. 5 out of 5
    27 customer reviews

    Cannabis Lifestyle TV (verified owner)

    I’m officially a fan of LED technology. ChilLED Tech is at the top of the heap when it comes to LED grow lights, I can’t recommend another brand more. We have a review on YouTube with some of our thoughts.

  20. 5 out of 5
    27 customer reviews

    Corentin (verified owner)

    Super good light .
    Ordered from France , really fast shipping.
    Just one advice ! Wear sun glasses with those lights !!

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